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"Top Fifty"

Each year fifty outstanding students and fifty top teachers are honored by the club. The students, chosen by their schools, each select the teacher who has had the greatest positive influence on them. Every effort is made to assure that this event is enjoyable and memorable. Certificates of excellence are awarded to teachers and students, and each student receives a pin. A keynote address by a well-known speaker and refreshments complete the evening. The Galveston County Daily News covers the event and publishes a picture of each student.

Academic Excellence Achievement Awards

Two students per subject in each secondary school and two students per grade in each elementary school are recognized by the Club and their school. Certificates of Merit provided by the Club are presented to students, chosen by their schools, in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Languages.


The Club provides merit scholarships to college-bound seniors at Ball High School, O'Connell College Preparatory High School, and Odyssey Academy.

The Galveston Academic Excellence Booster Club
is a non-profit organization;

we rely solely on contributions for our functions.
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